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JUWEL Applications

Bolting is still used in all industries and applications. As a robust and, above all, detachable connection without destroying the construction parts, there are hardly any limits to the screw connection.


Below you can see some of the industries that we have already successfully served - is yours not yet included? We are curious and look forward to getting to know you!

Old big drink water pipes joined with new blue valves and new blue joint members.jpg
Household waste sorting and recycling plant. Press for pressing plastic bottles..jpg
Blue water main cover on street.jpg
Close-up of the screws on the rail for the train. The sleepers and the two tracks in the d
Detail of an old unused milling machine used for coal mining in the Ostrava region. Old mi
Generator. Diesel and gas industrial electric generator..jpg
Fragment of pipeline. Couplings with bolts on industrial pipes. Connection point on gray p
Panoramic view of wind farm or wind park, with high wind turbines for generation electrici

Drive types

If there is no suitable application for you or you would like to find out more about the torque wrenches according to your drive type, please take a look around:

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