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JUWEL Public utilities

As the inquiries from our prospective customers from the public utility sector for a cordless torque wrench for so-called gate valve applications increased, we decided to design a modified version of the proven TQS series (cordless torque gun). The cordless nutrunner has been equipped with a specially simplified gearbox for gate valve applications. This did not lead to any loss of quality but enabled us to offer a nut runner that is precisely tailored to the requirements of our customers.

The torque wrench is not enough - we have designed a large number of accessories for our customers:

  • A gate valve applications support

  • Telescopic extension

  • Two person hand support

  • Gate valve applications nut

  • Attached digital revolution counter

  • Foot support


Picture 1: TQ torque wrench (cordless torque gun) on sheet steel case and with accessories

If you have any questions about the aspects already mentioned or completely different topics, then do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to advise you on your screwing case, any special supports or general questions on the subject of torque wrenches and screw connections - free of charge and gladly at your site.


Picture 2: Battery torque gun TQ series with foot-support


Picture 3:  Demonstration of a TQ slider torque gun with hand support


Picture 4: Another application example of the battery-powered TQ torque gun

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