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JUWEL Digital Battery Torque wrench

  • Digital cordless power torque wrench with display and programming function

  • Data can be transferred quickly and easily via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB

  • Available in straight and angled versions

  • Screw according to a specific torque, angle of rotation or combine torque and angle of rotation

  • Available in a torque range from 30 to 5,000 Nm

  • Brushless DC motor (no wear due to carbon brushes)

  • A variety of screwdriving configurations can be programmed via tablet, computer, mobile phone or directly on the device itself

  • User-friendly display - simply set the torque or rotation angle and get started

  • Precise measurement using two strain gauges

  • Up to 1200 bolting data can be saved according to the "first in first out" principle

  • Configuration settings can be password-protected​


The digital cordless torque wrenches in the TQX series are reliable and intelligent digital torque wrenches. Thanks to their battery operation, they can also be used flexibly for demanding assembly work.

The TQX is the first digital torque wrench with the well known JUWEL quality. It is the marriage of over 40 years of gearbox technology with pioneering Industry 4.0 technologies. Benefit from the latest technology that you can get in a cordless torque wrench with a planetary gearbox that is 100% manufactured in Germany, in our own company.

For torques up to 900 Nm, we equip the digital cordless torque wrench with a lightweight 20V drive unit. All digital torque wrenches beyond the TQX-090 are equipped with a powerful 40V drive unit. This allows you to achieve torques of up to 5,000 Nm!

Weight-optimised design

The TQX-060 and TQX-090 digital cordless torque wrenches are available up to a torque of 900 Nm. The support made of high-strength aluminium saves weight with the usual robust JUWEL quality - adapted to the user's requirements. We also mill the support ourselves.

IMG_4578 Groß.jpeg

TQX series up to 5,000 Nm

With the digital cordless torque wrench from the TQX series, you can not only carry out assembly work in the low torque range, but also achieve values of up to 5,000 Nm. The torque can be set precisely and easily in 1 Nm increments on the display.


After tightening, you immediately receive visual and audible feedback as to whether the tightening was successful and what torque value you have achieved.

Angled version: TQWX

If things do get a little tighter, then the angled version of the digital torque wrench from JUWEL is the right solution for you. Similar to the straight version, torques of up to 5,000 Nm are possible.

The additional handle on the angled housing ensures safe handling. The handle can be rotated by 90° and can therefore be adjusted to the position of the user of the digital battery torque multiplier.



The JUWEL TQX is a clear signal for the future. Thanks to advanced technology combined with years of experience in gearbox construction, we can offer you a reliable and robust torque wrench for your bolted joints.

Please refer to our technical data for more detailed information on the respective digital torque wrenches. If you are still hesitating, please do not hesitate to contact us and take the opportunity to hold a demo unit in your hands: Screwing with a TQX is best experienced live!

The functions of the TQX are versatile and yet simple. Prepare for the future today and take your bolting and quality management to a new level.

The best of all times.


We began developing and manufacturing planetary gearboxes in 1980. Our goal to this day is to manufacture the most durable gearbox without compromise.


Today we offer you the best JUWEL gearbox of all time: Numerous bearings, high-strength alloys and a design optimised for wear resistance: A power wrench developed for practical use.


Industry 4.0 and seamless documentation are finding their way into more and more companies. The TQX combines proven technology from the past with the requirements of the future. 

Technical Data


Find out more about the technical data, dimensions of the individual models and the range of functions of the TQX.

Download: Data Sheet - TQX + TQWX

Your product inquiry

Which straight torque wrench are you interested in? (TQX)
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Thank you very much - we contact you soon!

Advantages of the TQX series

Industry 4.0

Would you like to document your screw connections sustainably? With the TQX you can do just that! Record the following data reliably and easily: Torque achieved and angle of rotation, time stamp, number of tightening operations, status message: OK or not OK.


Proven transmission technology

In the TQX series, the development of JUWEL planetary gearboxes from almost 50 years of company history meets the latest technology from 2024.

The gears of the digital torque wrench contain gears made of high-strength alloys, numerous bearings and gear bodies optimised for durability. If you want to document sustainably, you need a torque wrench that works sustainably and reliably.

Intuitive menu navigation

The TQX digital cordless torque wrench can also be configured without the app or software on the device. This increases flexibility in the workplace. Signal lights above the display indicate maintenance cycles, successful screw fastenings or cancelled screw fastenings.

IMG_4578 Groß_edited.jpg


The functions of the digital cordless digital torque wrench by JUWEL are so versatile and yet so simple. Connect the digital torque multiplier to the battery, set your torque in 1 Nm increments on the display and start screwing.

If you want to carry out documentation and create screwdriving configurations, you can either use the display or simply use the free app or software. Both applications are structured as follows: In a quick setup, you control the most important variables such as the torque, the angle of rotation or the speed. There are no fields or options to fill in before you can get started. If you want to create configurations, the detailed set-up is just right for you. We will be happy to explain the logic of the software to you and you will be able to create your configurations yourself.


Create jobs and give them a name! Whether a specific component, a specific fitter or an individual screw: name your screw configurations.

A job could be structured as follows: The digital cordless torque multiplier receives the information to tighten 6 screws within a job: Two screws with a fixed torque, three with a rotation angle and one with a torque and a rotation angle. The digital battery torque multiplier counts and automatically changes the respective targets after successful tightening. Don't worry: If you have not successfully tightened a screw because, for example, the trigger has been released, the screw connection is considered "not OK" and the screwdriving process can be repeated without any further action. You can always see which configuration you are currently performing on the display.

Controllable variables.

In addition to the torque and the angle of rotation, you can control a large number of variables and incorporate them into programmes. In this way, for example, the rotational speed or rotational acceleration can be changed. The speed can even be changed within a screw connection: Tell the digital cordless torque multiplier to work at 100% of the maximum speed up to a threshold torque and to apply only 20% from torque or angle of rotation X onwards.

Define your own tolerances: If your target torque is 100 Nm, you decide how much torque deviation is "OK" for the screw connection (e.g. minimum 98 Nm and maximum 110 Nm).

Software & App.

The digital cordless torque wrench can be programmed both via the display and via software or app - both are completely free of charge and all functions are available at no extra cost. We will of course train you in the use of the digital torque wrench and the software.


The data obtained during the tightening process is documented in a sustainable manner. This allows you to record your target torque, the target angle of rotation, the torque actually achieved, the final angle of rotation, a time stamp, the number of tightening operations and much more data. Using the app or the software, the data is transferred via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The documentation can then be further processed as a .pdf or .csv file.​


The digital cordless torque gun communicates with you: With the help of acoustic and visual signals, you know whether your screwdriving operation has been successful. You can also ensure your process security with password protection. Both the software, the app and the digital power screwdriver itself can be protected with a password. You can also lock the direction of rotation: Whether you only want to rotate anti-clockwise or clockwise, you can prevent unwanted actions.​



Side drive for difficult space conditions


Special reaction arms with handle for better ergonomics


Allen key holders and inserts made from high-strength materials

This is just a small part of our total accessories. After thousands of screw connections we have seen a lot - we are happy to pass on our experience to you in the form of individual accessories for a safe screw connection!

More torque wrenches



Torque wrench up to 15.000 Nm with electric drive (wired). Learn more!


The analog battery version from JUWEL. Available up to a maximum torque of 10.000 Nm. Learn more!

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Open your JUWEL product now!

Our JUWEL battery-powered digital torque wrenches are supplied as standard in an elegant and robust sheet metal case with a textured foam insert (here the TQX as an example. The additional lid padding and the accurately cut placeholders for your accessories ensure a firm hold and safe transport. Attention: opening the case in real life is even more fun!

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