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Straight design: TQX series

JUWEL Torque wrench TQX series (battery, digital)
- straight design -

  • Digital cordless torque wrench with programming function

  • Data can be transferred via Wi-Fi or USB

  • Angle control and torque monitoring

  • Available in the torque range from 50 to 1.600 Nm

  • 3/4" or 1" tool drive

  • Brushless DC motor (no wear from carbon brushes)

  • Up to eight screw configurations can be programmed on the device, laptop or via smartphone app

  • User-friendly display - simply set the torque and get started

  • Precise measurement using two strain gauges

  • Up to 1200 Screw data can be saved according to the "first in, first out" principle

  • Configuration settings can be password protected


The battery-powered digital torque wrenches TQX-060 and TQX-090 are handy and reliable digital torque guns. Thanks to the battery operation, they can also be used flexibly for demanding assembly work. The TQX represents the first digital torque wrench in the usual JUWEL quality. It is the marriage of more than 40 years of gear technology with future-oriented technologies of Industry 4.0.

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Weight-optimized design ideal for gentle assembly work

The TQX-065 and TQX-095 digital battery-operated torque guns are available up to a torque of 900 Nm. The support made of high-strength aluminum saves weight with the usual robust JUWEL quality - adapted to the requirements of the user.

IMG_4578 Groß.jpeg


The JUWEL TQX provides a clear signal in direction future. Thanks to advanced technology combined with years of experience in gearbox construction, we can offer you a reliable and robust digital torque wrench for assebmly work (e.g. on assembly lines).

Please refer to our technical data for more detailed information on the respective models. If you are still hesitating, then be sure to ask us and take the opportunity to hold a demo device in your hands: The best way to experience screwing with a TQX is live!

Technical Data

My project-1-3-2.jpg
Antriebsvierkant/Square drive
3/4" / 1"
Artikelnummer/Item number
64 000 060
64 000 090
Drehmoment/Torque (Nm)
50 - 600
50 - 900
Drehzahl/Speed (U/min)
Getriebedurchmesser/Gearbox diameter (mm)
Gewicht Abstützung/Weight reaction arm (kg)
Gewicht/Weight (kg)
Länge/Length (mm)

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Advantages of the TQX series

Industry 4.0 technology

Ideal for use in assembly lines. Several digital battery-powered torque wrenches can be configured via a common router. In this way, screwing data is automatically collected and documented.

My project-1-2_edited.jpg
My project-1-2_edited.jpg

Lightweight gearboxes from the popular TQS series

Again and again the customers enjoy the handling of our TQS-065 and TQS-095. The TQX is also equipped with the weight-optimized gearbox including aluminum reaction arm.

Display with intuitive menu navigation

The TQX can also be configured without the app or software on the device. This increases flexibility in the workplace. Signal lights above the display indicate maintenance cycles, successful screw connections or errors.

IMG_4578 Groß_edited.jpg



Side drive for difficult space conditions


Special reaction arms with handle for better ergonomics


Allen key holders and inserts made from high-strength materials

This is just a small part of our total accessories. After thousands of screw connections we have seen a lot - we are happy to pass on our experience to you in the form of individual accessories for a safe screw connection!

More torque wrenches



Torque wrench up to 15.000 Nm with electric drive (wired). Learn more!


The analog battery version from JUWEL. Available up to a maximum torque of 10.000 Nm. Learn more!

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My project-1-3.png

Open your JUWEL product now!

Our JUWEL battery-powered digital torque wrenches are supplied as standard in an elegant and robust sheet metal case with a textured foam insert (here the TQX as an example. The additional lid padding and the accurately cut placeholders for your accessories ensure a firm hold and safe transport. Attention: opening the case in real life is even more fun!


Data sheet
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