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Pneumatic torque wrench

Pneumatic torque wrenches are torque wrenches that are driven by air pressure and thus enable screw connections with a torque of up to 15,000 Nm. Find out more about the pneumatic torque wrench as an assembly tool.

Content and structure

1. structure of a pneumatic torque wrench

Straight pneumatic torque wrench

How is a pneumatic torque wrench constructed?

The pneumatic torque wrenches consist of the drive unit (the pistol grip) with the air motor that converts the energy of the compressed air into mechanical energy to drive the planetary gearbox.

The planetary gearbox is flange-mounted to the pneumatic drive. Depending on the respective model, different numbers of planetary stages within the gearbox housing ensure the desired multiplication of the input torque.

A socket can be attached to the output square on the underside of the planetary gearbox, which is held in place with a retaining ring. The support (also known as the reaction arm), which has previously been fitted and locked by means of an O-ring, is responsible for generating the required counter-torque.

2. mode of operation

How does a pneumatic torque wrench with adjustable torque work?

Pneumatic torque wrenches are based on the principle of compressed air technology. They have an air motor that generates the required torque. This torque is then amplified with the help of gear ratios in the planetary gearbox. This motor is fed by an air compressor, which provides the necessary compressed air.


Pneumatic torque wrenches are powerful tools that are used in various industrial applications to tighten or loosen screws precisely and efficiently. The functionality of these pneumatic torque wrenches can be divided into several steps:

Compressed air source

The basis for the function of a pneumatic torque wrench is a reliable source of compressed air. This can be a compressed air line in an industrial plant or a stand-alone compressor that generates the necessary compressed air. The pneumatic torque wrenches from JUWEL require 6 bar.

Air motor

Pneumatic torque wrenches with torque adjustment are equipped with a special air motor. This motor converts the supplied compressed air into mechanical energy. The energy is then transferred to the tool to generate the rotary movement.

Torque control

Precise torque control is crucial to ensure that screws are tightened with the desired force. Modern pneumatic torque wrenches have adjustable torque mechanisms that allow the tightening value to be adjusted according to requirements. This is particularly important in applications where different bolted joints require different torques. The required air pressure can be reliably set using a maintenance unit.

Planetary gearbox

The operation of the planetary gearbox of the pneumatic torque wrench with torque adjustment is based on the transmission of torque and speed through the various gears. When the input shaft drives the sun gear, the movement is transmitted to the planetary gears, which move around the sun gear. By connecting the planetary gears to the planet carrier, the torque is amplified and transmitted to the output of the pneumatic torque nutrunner.

The advantages of a planetary gearbox in a torque wrench lie in its compact design, high efficiency and ability to transmit a high torque. These characteristics make planetary gears ideal for applications where precise and powerful screwdriving actions are required, such as in the assembly of vehicles or in the construction of machines.

3. characteristics

What are the features of a pneumatic torque wrench with torque adjustment? We would like to look at a few examples below:


Precision: Pneumatic torque wrenches offer a high level of precision when tightening compared to a conventional impact wrench. This is particularly important in industries such as automotive production and aerospace, where precise torques are crucial for the quality and safety of products.

Weight: Due to their design, pneumatic torque wrenches are generally lighter than electric or hydraulic alternatives. This allows for easier handling and reduces operator fatigue during extended periods of work.


Low maintenance: Compared to electric tools, pneumatic torque wrenches often require less maintenance as they have fewer moving parts. This leads to a longer service life and lower operating costs. The generation of torque using compressed air results in gentle drive behaviour. The required torque can build up gradually and prevents sudden impacts in the pneumatic screwdriver's planetary gearbox.

Robust design: To meet the requirements of industrial applications, pneumatic torque wrenches are robustly built and consist of high-quality materials. Compared to an impact wrench, they are many times more resistant, especially at high torques. This ensures a long service life and reliability even under demanding conditions.

Handling and ergonomics: Most pneumatic torque wrenches are ergonomically designed to ensure ease of use and efficiency. Compared to an impact wrench, the user does not experience any vibrations. In addition, the noise level is many times lower. This makes the pneumatic torque wrench an ideal assembly tool, even in enclosed spaces.

4. applications

What applications can be realised with a pneumatic torque wrench with adjustable torque?


Below you will find some examples. Pneumatic torque wrenches with adjustable torque are also used in other industries:

Assembly of large machines: Pneumatic torque wrenches are used to tighten screws and bolts in the assembly of large machines such as presses, rollers, extruders and other industrial equipment.

Steel structures: When assembling steel structures such as bridges, cranes and industrial buildings, pneumatic torque wrenches are essential to ensure structural integrity.

Assembly of conveyor systems: Conveyor belts and conveyor systems in heavy industry require precise assembly, where pneumatic torque wrenches are used to ensure the necessary connections are made. Conveyor belts in the bearing industry can also be assembled with pneumatic torque wrenches.

Power generation: In power plants and other power generation facilities, pneumatic torque wrenches are used to assemble turbines, generators and other important components.

Heavy-duty vehicles: In the manufacture of construction vehicles, mining vehicles and other heavy-duty vehicles, pneumatic torque wrenches play a crucial role in the assembly of components.

Mining equipment: Large mining equipment such as excavators, loaders and dump trucks require precise assembly, for which pneumatic torque wrenches are used. Pneumatic torque wrenches are used for assembly work on the respective track belts as well as on rims or buckets.

Steelworks: In steelworks, these tools are used for the assembly of equipment such as blast furnaces, casting machines and rolling mills.

In general, the pneumatic torque wrench is extremely gentle in terms of wear and load on the planetary gearbox. The assembly of flanges and/or pre-tightened screws is a particularly suitable application for pneumatic screwdrivers.  This means that even particularly tough bolting jobs can be completed without any problems.

5. models

Pneumatic straight torque wrench

Figure 2: TL-Series

Pneumatic angled torque wrench

Figure 3: TLW-Series

Multi pneumatic torque wrench

Figure 4: TLM-Series

In order to maximise flexibility for our customers in various industries, we offer the pneumatic screwdriver in three variations: As a straight, 90° angled or multi pneumatic screwdriver:

Straight pneumatic torque wrench TL: The straight version is ideal for assemblies in a free screwdriving environment with no particular space restrictions. 

Angled pneumatic torque wrench TLW: The angled pneumatic torque wrench is usually chosen by our customers for two reasons: Either the screwdriving environment is demanding and the angled version makes handling easier, or for ergonomic handling thanks to the additional handle on the angled housing.

Multi pneumatic torque wrench TLM: The multi torque wrench is a mixture of the straight and angled version. It can be flexibly adapted to the conditions of your screwdriving environment.


Within the different designs, there are numerous and finely subdivided variations of torque ranges: Quality carries its weight, but you never carry more than you actually need. The following model performance classes are available:

  • TL-084 with max. 850 Nm

  • TL-104 with max. 1,200 Nm

  • TL-244 with max. 2,500 Nm

  • TL-354 with max. 3,500 Nm

  • TL-505 with max. 5,000 Nm

  • TL-604 with max. 6,000 Nm

  • TL-904 with max. 10,000 Nm

  • TL-1205 with max. 12,000 Nm

  • TL-1505 with max. 15,000 Nm

Further information on torques, dimensions and weights can be found in the respective data sheets.

6. technical data

The strengths of the pneumatic torque wrenches with torque adjustment for your industrial application are usually quickly apparent from a technical consultation. Nevertheless, there are objective technical features of the TL pneumatic torque wrenches from JUWEL:


  • Available in the torque range from 40 to 15,000 Nm

  • Planetary gearboxes have been developed and produced 100% in-house by JUWEL for over 40 years

  • The pneumatic drive is low-smoke and vibration-free

  • The hoses are easy to connect and disconnect from the pneumatic screwdriver using quick connectors

  • The operating pressure is 6 bar

  • The drive unit can be freely rotated through 360° and can therefore be adapted to your application

  • All pneumatic screwdrivers can be fitted with a balancer holder

  • The continuous overpressure protects the drive unit from external influences such as dust or sand

  • Accuracy of +/- 5% for the same screwdriving application

  • Torque values can be adapted precisely to your application

  • Perfect for assembly work: The second gear of the pneumatic torque wrenches shortens your assembly times

  • Can be combined with all side drives


7. production

Gearbox housing of pneumatic torque wrenches
Gearbox housing in one hand
Pneumatic torque wrench housing

From the raw material to the finished pneumatic torque wrench: all processing production steps are carried out by trained JUWEL employees. With an average length of service of almost 20 years per employee, we are a well-rehearsed team that has known what is important in the manufacture and assembly of transmission components for decades:

  • Every raw material is supplied to us by our long-standing metal supplier, just over 100 km away from our company headquarters.

  • We cut the production lengths to the respective blanks for further processing

  • Every gear component is then machined on a Traub lathe before being milled on German CNC machines from Hedelius and Deckel Maho Gildenmeister.

  • Once the gearing is complete, the respective components are hardened, surface-treated and checked for their final quality before they make it to our warehouse. There they await our customers' orders, because each device, and therefore also the pneumatic torque wrenches, are built, calibrated and tested fresh after the order has been placed.

8. FAQ

What is a pneumatic torque wrench?

A pneumatic torque wrench is an industrial tool for producing screw connections with a pneumatic drive source. The combination of a planetary gearbox with an air motor and an air source (compressor) generates the necessary torque for tightening and loosening screws with torques of up to 15,000 Nm.

What are pneumatic torque wrenches used for?

Pneumatic torque wrenches are used in industries such as shipbuilding, wind energy, oil and gas, gear manufacturing and regular mechanical engineering to tighten or loosen bolted connections.

Pneumatic torque wrenches are particularly suitable for tough bolting applications.

How long is the delivery time for a pneumatic torque wrench?

Thanks to JUWEL's in-house production, the delivery time for a pneumatic torque wrench is between a few days and a maximum of 3 weeks, regardless of the performance class.

What is the advantage of a pneumatic torque wrench?

Pneumatic screwdrivers are particularly suitable for tough screwdriving applications. Air is a compressible medium and therefore the force required to drive the planetary gearbox can build up slowly and steadily. This ensures particularly gentle start-up behaviour of the pneumatic torque wrench.

The advantages of a pneumatic torque wrench are many and varied and can be discussed with you individually in relation to your application.

9. optional accessories

Special support-example-pneumatics
Side drive-plate heat exchanger-pneumatics.jpeg

To meet the requirements of your applications, we provide you with a range of accessories for your pneumatic torque wrenches for industry:

  • Customised reaction arms adapted to the support situation: let us know the dimensions of your bolting environment, make handwritten sketches, share pictures/videos with us or send us a STEP model. The pneumatic torque wrench adapts to your application and not the other way round.

  • Side drive/plate heat exchanger: If you want to carry out screw connections where the gear axis has no space above the screwdriver, then a side drive with a pneumatic torque wrench could make sense. The side drive can be used for plate heat exchangers as well as for regular applications in mechanical and plant engineering

  • Sockets/bus holders and inserts/brackets: All accessories are available from stock or customised according to the dimensions of your bolting environment. We are the sole manufacturing company. Benefit from fast delivery times and a fair price.

  • Extensions: The pneumatic torque wrenches are also available with an extended housing. Let us know your dimensions and we will send you the corresponding 3D model for testing.

10. pictures and videos

Find out more about the use and operation of a JUWEL pneumatic screwdriver:

The applications of a pneumatic torque wrench are as varied as the products and systems of our customers. Become part of a worldwide family of users of one of the last 100% German-made quality products in the field of torque screwdriving.

TL pneumatic torque wrench - pneumatischer Drehmomentschrauber - 3 Mittel.jpeg
TL pneumatic torque wrench - pneumatischer Drehmomentschrauber - 2 Mittel.jpeg

Enquire with us today and we will present you with a pneumatic torque wrench free of charge. We would also be happy to send you a device to test for your application. Get in touch with us.

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