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JUWEL Plant engineering

In the field of plant construction, die JUWEL torque multipliers show what they can do. Hardly any area of mechanical engineering is as diverse as plant construction and its customers.

  • Both small and large torques are usually required

  • When assembling systems, there are usually incomparable bolting cases. Due to certain design specifications, an individual solution often must and can be found

  • Systems are not only screwed on when they are turned off: the influence of heat, cold or vibrations during the screwing process represent another challenge that we have to overcome

  • Time plays an important role if you work in time. It must be possible to fasten a defined number of screws quickly and easily. With the electric torque wrench TES or the battery-powered torque gun TQS you can do fast and reliable boltings

  • Industry 4.0 is becoming more and more common in plant engineering. Bolting results must be documented and saved permanently for the future. Therfore, we introduced our digital cordless torque gun TQX

If you have any questions about the aspects already mentioned or completely different topics, then do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to advise you on your screwing case, any special supports or general questions on the subject of torque wrenches and screw connections - free of charge and gladly at your site.


Picture 1: TQS cordless torque gun in action at a plant engineering customers' site


Picture 2:The JUWELTQS Torque Gun (Battery) in action

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