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JUWEL Wheel assembly

Our torque wrenches are often used on the wheels of construction site or agricultural vehicles:

  • Both low and high torques are always required

  • Depending on the design of the rim, there are various reaction arm options. Ideally, the generation of the counter-torque on an neighboured screw is possible with the standard support (see picture 2)

  • If the radius of the screw circle to be bolted is too small or the use of a standard support is not possible for other constructional reasons (e.g. picture 3), we will be glad to make your screwing possible anyway. You tell us your dimensional limitations and we will do the rest with the help of a 3D model (see picture 1)


Picture 1:  We would be happy to test your bolting application using a 3D model.

If you have any questions about the aspects already mentioned or completely different topics, then do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to advise you on your bolting case, any special supports or general questions about torque wrenches and bolting - free of charge and gladly at your site.


Picture 2: Wheel assembly with TQS cordless torque gun and standard support.


Figure 3: Wheel assembly with TQS cordless torque wrench, extended housing and two-armed reaction arm.


Figure 4: Wheel assembly with mechanical torque multiplier.

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