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JUWEL Track construction

As for our partners in the area of public utilities and utility companies, we have also developed a special torque multiplier for customers in track and railway construction. 

Various specifications resulted from the conversations with our track construction customers:

  • The torque setting should be at hand height, upright and user-friendly

  • The overall length of the railway torque multiplier should be variable - you decide on the dimensions

  • The handle should be freely rotatable by 360°

JUWEL_Bahnschrauber_Railway_Nut runner_Elektrisch_Kraftschrauber_Torque_Wrench_2.jpeg
JUWEL_Bahnschrauber_Railway_Nut runner_Akku_Kraftschrauber_Torque_Wrench_Battery_1.jpeg
JUWEL_Bahnschrauber_Railway_Nut runner_Akku_Kraftschrauber_Torque_Wrench_Battery_2.jpeg

Picture 3: Special reaction arm for railway torque multipliers

If you have any questions about the aspects already mentioned or completely different topics, then do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to advise you on your bolting case, any special supports or general questions about torque wrenches and bolting - free of charge and gladly at your site.

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