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01: Two-arm support TQS-065

At the beginning of 2023, we received an inquiry from a customer in the field of plant construction: They would like to use our TQS cordless torque wrench as an on-board tool. That means: "If we sell a machine, then you sell a torque wrench." As a manufacturer of torque wrenches, this is of course a very good thing to hear. But first we had to convince our possible new customer. The screwing case was first checked and in this context evaluated whether our device was the right solution. Deal! Everything worked. However, after the delivery of the torque wrench, we were promptly asked whether it was also possible to manufacture an individual reaction arm. The current one is fine, but it could be even better. At that point, the ambition of our technical team had already been awakened. After the fast exchange of STEP models, the work could begin: analyze the limitations of the screw environment, create a suitable construction (here two-armed support that guarantees additional safety and control for the end customer), write program for the CNC machine, saw aluminum and take it to the processing center. The hard coating was then carried out by a regional, long-term partner: the support is finished and ready for dispatch.

More information about delivery time and pricing

How long did this take? We gave 14 working days when ordering, it ended up being 10 - the customer is happy and so are we. What did it cost? Our customer was allowed to return the previously delivered standard part and we took it 100% in payment. The price for future orders has already been agreed: approx. €250 surcharge on the entire bundle consisting of cordless torque wrench, two batteries, fast charger, tool case and special support.

Are you also interested in a specific solution, tailored to your application? Contact us - don't worry about exorbitant prices or long delivery times. Of course, we are also happy to take a look at everything on site free of charge. Contact by email: or by form.


Nothing off the shelf - on the right you can see our standard support for the TQS-065. This compact cordless torque wrench (usable up to 650 Nm) is an important and useful special feature in our portfolio: The reaction arm is made of aluminium. This makes the TQS-065 an ideal and easy to hold assembly tool for low torques. On the left you can see the finished individual reaction arm.

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