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Sometimes accessories are nice to have - sometimes you just can't do without! As your reliable partner for everything to do with screwing, we look forward to being able to provide you with professional support beyond power wrenches.

Reaction arms

Excerpt of previously manufactured special supports - yours is not included?Contact us, thanks to the latest CNC machines, we will be happy to produce the right support for you - billing is fair according to the effort involved.

Mein Projekt-5_edited.png

Standard reaction arm with foot extension

Mein Projekt-8 Groß.jpeg

Special design for asphalt milling drum for cutting tool replacement

Reaction arm for screw applications with outer radius and plastic protector

My project-1-4.jpg

Reaction arm with interchangeable counterholder

Mein Projekt-3_edited.png

Standard reaction arm with extension (pin)

My project-1-6_edited.jpg

Reaction arm for bolting in a rim

My project-1-2_edited.jpg

Standard reaction arm sliding with inch tool holder

My project-1-5_edited.jpg

Reaction arm sliding with sleeve for support on allen screws


Reaction arm with fixed hole spacing on adjacent screw

Sliding reaction arm with extension for wheel bolting in drop center rim

My project-1-3_edited.jpg

Reaction arm as welded construction according to customer specification

Your support is not included? Contact us to change this!

Allen holders and Allen sockets

With Allen holders and inserts you are able to tighten Allen screws with a torque wrench. You tell us your width across flats and we will offer you the right products.

My project-1-7 Groß_edited.jpg

Allen key: You choose between a high-strength special alloy or the reliable standard version

You can also easily tighten Allen screws with the Allen key and bit.

Hydraulic accessories

Mein Projekt-7.png

Direct insertion tool for hydraulic wrenches (hexagon socket)

Impact Sockets

My project-1_edited.jpg

Sockets of any width across flats and lengths are available thanks to our own production

Offset drives

In special space conditions, the offset drive opens up new possibilities for you

Simultaneous bolting

My project-1-8 Groß_edited.jpg

Neighboring screws can be tightened or loosened simultaneously with this construction


For reasons of occupational safety, the screwing process can only be activated after the safety button has been pressed

My project-1-2_edited.jpg

Mount for attaching the torque wrench to a balancer


My project-1-2_edited.jpg

If you have concerns about the dimensions of the torque wrench, we will be happy to manufacture special gear components for you

My project-1_edited.jpg

The rotary angle disc with drag pointer enables tightening according to angle specification

Your product inquiry

What are you interested in?

Thanks! We'll get in touch.

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