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JUWEL Services

What would the world be without service? With us you will find a variety of services that round off your product experience and, in our opinion, are essential for a trustworthy and long-term relationship.

Repair & Calibration

Even the best products cannot withstand natural wear and tear over the years. If you choose JUWEL as your partner for screw connections, you can have all components of the power wrench serviced by us. All mechanical parts are manufactured in our own CNC production - all electrical components are obtained from long-standing German partners. In addition, we calibrate your torque wrenches on our in-house test stand and then provide you with the test certificate.

You don't have one JUWEL device? No problem - after 40 years of screwing, we are also able to repair third-party devices without any problems.

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Bolting analysis


Screwing can be so easy - and yet in some cases the devil is in the detail. The expertise of experienced users is often essential to ensure a secure screw connection for both the structural parts and the user. We are your partner from the first assessment of the bolting case.

How can we best support you? Provide us with a (hand-made) sketch with all dimensions of the screw environment, a picture with scale or ideally a 3D model. Based on this, we model the screw connection digitally with ours JUWEL devices. If a standard support is not sufficient, we would be happy to design an individual construction for you.

Bolting service

We would be happy to visit you on your construction site or in your company and carry out your desired screw connections for you. You decide whether you would also like to receive a presentation of our power wrench for further screw connections or whether you would just like to watch and say goodbye after a successful screw connection.

On-site demonstration

With all the digital possibilities that are available today, it is still something different to screw with one JUWEL torque wrenches yourself. That is why we are happy to visit you at your company or construction site with the right torque wrenches and the associated accessories in our luggage. Ask us!


Individual accessories

My project-1-3_edited.jpg

Here you will find an overview of our previously produced accessories. However, this should by no means represent the end of our possibilities. Thanks to our design and programming department and numerous CNC machining centers, we are able to produce individual accessories for you. Do not shy away from horrendous costs - we will calculate the production costs for you in advance and submit them to you in a binding individual offer.

Rental service

Do you need a torque wrench for a specific period of time or for a single application? You can rent all JUWEL torque wrenches including accessories. If you decide after the rental that you want to keep the device, we will offset the previous rental costs as a down payment on the purchase price. Discover our products and please ask us!


If you want to spread your costs over a certain period of time, we would be happy to offer you financing or leasing. The conditions (deposit, term, interest rate) can be negotiated individually. In addition, you have the choice whether merely JUWEL is involved as a contractual partner or whether the processing should take place via a bank.

JUWEL Support

The sale of a JUWEL torque wrench marks the beginning of a long-term relationship with our customers. Whoever chooses JUWEL has a reliable partner at his side, who is always there for you with advice and support. If your bolting case needs change and you need new accessories or you are unsure whether our devices are suitable for a new application - please contact us by phone or e-mail at any time!

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